How to install GTP Headlights

Installation Video Guide

Installation Guide

Original pop-up headlights disassembly
  1. Take off electric engine and control shaft with bearing brackets
  2. Take off left and right headlight´┐╝. Wheel-housing liner disassembly may be required.
GTP headlights assembly
  1. Fasten aluminum brackets provided with GTP headlights in place of bearing bracket no. 20 on below picture. Long band brackets are mounted on the lock carrier side. Do not tight brackets too much to the car body.
  2. Check if mounting holes fits headlight's housing mounting wholes, adjust bracket on the car if needed. Properly mounted brackets should leave adjustment range.
  3. Remove GTP headlights.
  4. Tighten brackets to the car body.
  5. Gently fit GTP headlights to previously tightened brackets.

GTP Headlights are featured in stable, two mounting points system, so there is no need to drill/destroy front bumper.