NEW! Dual featured lenses

Currently in stock
924/944: 4 pairs
944 S2/Turbo: 5 pairs

NEW! Classic look new technology

Currently in stock
924/944: 2 pairs
944 S2/Turbo: 2 pairs

NEW! Dark look and new technology

Currently in stock
924/944: 1 pairs
944 S2/Turbo: 1 pairs

Extremely light flagship product.

Single unit with internal lamp and bulbs weights only 2,2lbs

Currently in stock
924/944: 11 pairs
944 S2/Turbo: 8 pairs

Lights designed for competition use!

Very light replacement for the heavy original ones but resistant to heavy condition.

Handcrafted. Limited edition!

We offer products in stock only, that's why we ship instantly!

Perfectly mapped shape.


Fully adjustable

Horizontal and vertical lamp adjustment

Easy installation

Assembly with car body using only original mounting holes
Adjustable fastening for easy fitting